Grant Gustin B’day Card

Subject: Sebastian Smythe (Glee)
Date: January 2012
Technique: photoshop

This was supposed to be the original birthday card but I couldn’t print it out professionaly at that moment so I drew it again on a paper with colored pencils and sent this version instead. Also on the pencil version I couldn’t really use the same colors because it simply didn’t work so I had to make a few changes so it fits. This is the first official character I illustrated. I’m still new to all this and I’m currently learning so this is not the best. I know that. I also have to improve with shadows and folds in clothes and stuff. But I had this idea in my head so I wanted to do it whether I succeed or not haha 😉
Also, I cheated and didn’t add the Dalton Crest. Well now on second thought…I should have done it hehe.

Anyways, here’s a photo of the card I sent and the sketch I did before I scanned it to work with it.

I haven’t found out yet if Grant actually got that card but ah well hehe xD


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