Subject: Curt Mega & Kimberly Whalen aka the power couple
Date: February 2012
Technique: photoshop

The following Sketch I made on Valentines Day because I was in the mood and had this idea so I just randomly started sketching. Since I have to learn it anyways I thought it would be a good thing. I’m not entirely pleased with it because whether Curt nor Kim look like they actually do. No one would know who I illustrated if I wouldn’t tell you but I’m still in the very beginning of illustrating characters so it will most probably be a long road until I can manage to actually illustrate a character that LOOKS like the original or where you at least know without me telling you who it is. But for now that’s all I can do.

Curt and Kim are the most adorable couple and I just love them both so much. They are amazing people and if my marriage ever is gonna be just a little bit like theirs I’m gonna be the happiest person in the world. #justsaying

Oh, here’s the Sketch I did and I figured it wouldn’t be a bad thing to try and color it. Result is obviously on top of this post =)


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