Sebtana – Smooth Criminal

Subject: Sebastian Smythe & Santana Lopez (Glee)
Time used: at least 10 hours, if not more
Technique: pencils & colored pencils
Size: 280×216
Source: Episode Still

Drawing of Sebastian & Santana, also known as Sebtana, from Glee. I loved their version of Smooth Criminal. I thought their chemistry was amazing and I pretty much loved the whole performance. Source was an episode still that was released before the episode aired. I started with the outlines back in January and somehow lost track of this drawing and finished it this month. It’s also featured on Curt Mega’s Project Create since I was pretty much proud of myself for finishing this drawing in two days straight. I still have to learn how to draw hair really. But hey, you never learn if you never try, right? =)


One thought on “Sebtana – Smooth Criminal

  1. Sweet, Dani! I had no freakin’ idea you also had an art blog! And look; we both use the same temple! 🙂 I’m definitely following your blog and art up close now!

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