Zayn Malik


Subject: Zayn Malik
Time used: around 5 hours
Technique: pencil
Size: 130 x 160 mm

#4 in my project to draw all the Fabulous Covers of One Direction. I gotta admit when I say that I love to draw Zayn the most because I just really love his face. This is ther first Zayn drawing but I planned more of him because his face and eyes are just really nice and I love to draw his perfect face. Sounds silly but it’s a fact. You may see that I cut out hair all the time in my drawings but as I said, I just can’t draw hair, that includes facial hair but I can’t cut that out haha. Anyways, I’m almost done with this project but I’m working on another bigger drawing of all 5 of One Direction so keep an eye out for this. I’ve also have a few request that I’m working on right now and some Christmas Presents so anything else is on hold right now. I’m glad I draw so much lately because a few months ago after the coloured Niall drawing I stopped drawing for a while and before that I didn’t draw at all all summer so yeah. Thanks for liking my stuff and for following me here or on DA and for your comments. I really appreciate it 🙂


One thought on “Zayn Malik

  1. There is this amazing place near me (Myrtle Beach, SC) called The Collectors Cafe. It’s where people from all over the world hang their art and everything in there is always changing because it’s all for sale/ the restaurant/coffeeshop/art gallery is amazing. perhaps you should give them a call ……I may see your art hanging in there someday.

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