Partners In Crime

Subject: Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson
Time used: about 8 hours
Date: February 2013
Technique: pencils and coloured pencils
Size: 230x280mm

This is a favourite picture of one of my best friends and it’s also one of mine so I thought I just draw it. I love to experiment and add new stuff so I decided to do a pencil drawing with one colour and Zayn’s jacket was perfect so I used it to add some red to the drawing. Louis’ trousers would have been red as well but I thought the jacket is enough. There were a lot of parts in this drawing that were harder to draw and quite a challenge but it turned out alright. The clothes are a lot harder to draw in colour then with just pencils and it’s only the second drawing where I added clothes in that are coloured and I still have to learn to properly use coloured pencils but I’m getting there…some day maybe. But for now I hope you like this one.

Shoutout to Lizzie 🙂 ♥


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