Subject: Zayn, Louis & Liam
Time used: about 10 hours
Date: March 2013
Technique: photoshop

This is my second comic and the idea was inspired by this gif set and I used the same layout of my first comic. Added Zayn to this because I can. I don’t know but their current tour give me lots of ideas, now I just have to figure out how to make them in to actual comics. I used my other illustrations as bases for this comic and I’m not sure if I should just make completely new faces for every new comic/illustration. It’s like I make every face once and use it for everything and just change things. I should learn to just start new whenever I start a new project. This just makes it a bit easier and I guess I chose to use that way. I do have sketches of each part of the comic but the faces I adapt from the other things I already did so yeah. Might have to change that at some point.


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