DJ Malik & MC Payne

Subject: Zayn & Liam
Time used: 8 hours (including sketching)
Date: April 2013
Technique: photoshop

I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore but I’m trying to stay inspired but I’m getting out of ideas so I came up with this because of Liam doing the “It Wasn’t Me” rap on tour and the other day he was doing a little rap about Zayn so I just went with it and added Dj Malik since this is already a thing and Zayn is basically involved in both videos so why not. In case you don’t know what videos I’m talking about…here’s the “It Wasn’t Me” one and here’s the “Zayn”-Rap lol (skip to 4:00). I swear to God if Liam isn’t going to do an actual Shaggy cover then I don’t know. I wish everyone would just stop screaming so I could actually have live versions without having to worry that I get deaf while listening to my iPod. My mom already thinks my music is too loud. :P

And again, here’s the Sketch to this


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