Loki Is Not Amused

Click on picture to get full view if you can’t read it.

Subject: Liam Payne & Danielle Peazer (and their dog Loki)
Time used: bout 15 hours (including sketching)
Date: April 2013
Technique: photoshop

Well yeah, this is an idea that came to me like 3 days ago. It kinda came out of nowhere so yeah. Sometimes that happens to me. I wish it would happen more often but yeah, I take what I get. Anyways, for those who don’t know, Liam and Danielle do actually have a new puppy called Loki and I don’t know if he was named after Loki from The Avengers or just because. Well I just made it Avengers because I love Avengers and Marvel and Puppies and Liam and Danielle and yeah, so I did this. It’s important to know that their dog is called Loki because otherwise the comic doesn’t make sense so yeah. It’s supposed to be funny but I don’t know if it actually is. Sometimes stuff is funny to me and no one else.

This comic took me quite a while to do because I had a long time sketching everything. Especially the dogs since I have never really drawn dogs…neither traditional nor as illustration so I actually went on google to look for some pics and made sketches out of it. I actually wanted to add something to each dog that represents the name. Like Captain America has the respective collar and so does Hawkeye (even tho you don’t really see that I added an arrow there but yeah) and Black Widow got a black dress since it’s a girl but I didn’t really know what to do with the rest so I just gave them collars with fitting colours and Thor got his ears and top of the head white and Nick Fury got an eye patch but yeah and I gave Loki a green collar even tho he doesn’t wear a grean one in real life but it fits the comic so yeah.

I had an alternative comic planned with a 4th picture where Loki walks away dressed in a Batman t-shirt (don’t laugh, that picture actually exists) and says that he’s gonna change teams but I thought I just keep it this way instead.

I’m gonna add all the sketches later. I have to sort them out first.


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