Louis Tomlinson

Subject: Louis Tomlinson
Time used: about 8 hours
Date: May/June 2013
Technique: Ink drawing pen
Size: 150x190mm
Source: this is a picture I had printed out a long time ago so I’d first have to find the source again

Well yes, another 1D drawing but I basically just wanted to try out a new technique and I gotta say that it’s not that easy to do ink drawings. Tho it’s not entirely ink. I wanted to try it with a feather and ink but for me the feather was too thick and my ink holder was too thick too so I chose a fineliner pen. It says pigment ink on it so I just go with it haha.

The mouth was a huge challenge and it’s what I spent most of my time on. This is a hard technique for me because I haven’t really used it a lot yet. Never on a portrait especially. It’s another technique that means “what’s done is done” so I had to improvise a lot because some parts became too dark sadly. Someone has to teach me this technique and how to use it properly. I mean I already fail with water colours. What do I expect. I guess I just stay with pencil drawings hahaha. Anyways, I tried so this is a good thing, right? lol

The good thing about this techinque tho is that the hair is bit easier to do lmao


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