One Direction as Power Rangers

Subject: One Direction as Power Rangers
Time used: bout 10 hours (including sketching)
Date: June 2013
Technique: photoshop

Yes I’m back with a new illustration. Took me two months to get my muse and inspiration back for that. Also I had basically no ideas to begin with.

I actually wanted to do a 1D as Power Rangers illustration for quite a while now but I basically never did it and I didn’t know what colours I would do for each of the boys. All I knew was that Zayn and Louis’ fave is the red one as I remember so already there I wouldn’t have known who to make the red one haha.

Anyways, a few days ago some pictures came up and it got me inspired. Basically Liam was walking around as the blue Ranger and Zayn as the black one so it was pretty much clear to me to give Louis red. Then there was obviously the problem that the other rangers are girls and I didn’t feel like giving Harry and Niall any of those colours so I went with the green and white one even tho in Power Rangers this is basically the same person but whatev, right? haha. So I ended up giving Niall the green one because obvious reasons and then there was white left for Harry so that’s that. The Harry kissing Niall on the cheek was just a feature I added because Harry seems to do that a lot lately.

At first I actually wanted to draw them as actual people and not as chibi’s but I failed so I just went with my usual style again.

So yeah, that’s that really. Hope you like :)

Also, here’s the sketch to it


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