One Direction – What really happened after Best Song Ever

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Subject: One Direction in Best Song Ever
Time used: all in all about a day (including sketching)
Date: July/August 2013
Technique: photoshop

Sooo, I bet all of you Directioners have seen the Best Song Ever video and I basically just thought about doing a comic about what really happened after the song ended. Basically all just for fun. Bless Marcel, I wanna give him the biggest hug ever. I think the music video is literally the best video they have done yet. I love the whole intro before the song starts. Also Zayn as Veronica…yeah, still have to get over this. Also, I have a weird love for Leeroy. I don’t even know anymore. He’s my favourite thing out of the whole video lol. Followed by Marcel because he actually IS cute as a button. I wanna adopt him lol.

Anyways, I hope you like this one. I have a follow-up for the Louis part coming up in the next few days so look out for this 🙂

This literally took me forever. I’ve been working on this comic for a week, sketching the first few days and then it took me like 4 days just to colour the whole thing. It was fun to do tho so it’s all good. Anyways, as I said, look out for my first Lilo comic and I will do some traditional drawing again after that and I’ll do the GQ covers of the boys. Well at least I try lol. So yeah, stay tuned for more stuff soon

The following links will give you a step by step view of the whole comic. I only post links cuz the post would get too big.

First was the idea basically so I just wrote down whatever came to my head at that moment


Then all the sketches I made

Liam & Niall
Harry & Zayn
Marcel & Leeroy
Jonny & Harvey

Then importing them to photoshop and starting to outline everything.

Importing everything
– Liam & Niall
– Veronica
– Harry & Zayn
– Marcel & Leeroy
– Jonny & Harvey
– Louis (full picture)

Then the colouring

– Liam & Niall
– Veronica
– Harry & Zayn
– Jonny & Harvey
– Louis
– Marcel & Leeroy
Full picture

And then a couple of changes have been done and a background has been added and the red writing and yeah, that’s it 🙂


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