Liam & Louis – Oops

Subject: Liam & Louis
Time used: 
bout 5 hours (including sketching)
 August 2013

This is the follow-up comic I was talking about in my Best Song Ever comic. This was first inspired by a picture a friend sent me on facebook. It only had Louis sitting on a photocopy machine and a picture of his butt and I had this idea with Liam. I didn’t actually know there was a video of this and Liam was actually part of it until like a day later when I saw the video and this gif set so yeah, I know Liam isn’t mad in the original video but as I said, the idea was here just from the picture before I actually saw the behind the scenes video. Also, this is my first Lilo comic. Yay me! You wouldn’t know they are my favourite bromance since I haven’t done anything yet sigh. Hopefully I’ll have more ideas in the future involving those two.



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