Harry Styles GQ drawing

Subject: Harry Styles
Time used: around 8 hours
Technique: pencil
Size: 130 x 160 mm
Source: GQ Magazine

Sooo, as I said on my Best Song Ever comic, I’m planning on drawing all 5 GQ covers. Well basically I bought one magazine and all 5 covers are in the mag in black and white which I prefer to be honest so I decided to draw all of them. So here’s Harry. I gotta admit I’m a bit surprised how this one came out cuz I think it’s better than any other portrait I did so far. I don’t know. I do admit it’s easier to draw out of a magazine than from having the original image on the computer. You can compare your drawing and the original much better that way so this might be the reason. I still can’t draw hair even if my life depended on it. I just don’t know how to properly do it but yeah. Anyways, here is 1/5.




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