Liam Payne GQ drawing

Subject: Liam Payne
Time used: around 8 hours
Technique: pencil
Size: 130 x 160 mm
Source: GQ Magazine

So, here’s the last one. I’m done. I’ve done all 5. Wow. I am however not very pleased with this one and it makes me sad cuz I wanted to make Liam perfect cuz that’s what he is but ah well. I know something’s off on this drawing but I can’t really figure out what but I thought I leave it or else I’d just ruin it even more. But yeah, this is the final drawing of the GQ series :)



One thought on “Liam Payne GQ drawing

  1. Wow, that’s amazing! And you have realized him perfectly! I just can’t imagine, that one can draw 8 hours long, my drawings are always so quick, like 2-3 hours? 😀

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