Subject: Zayn Malik
Time used: about 5 hours (including sketching)
Date: September 2013
Technique: PaintToolSAI

This is just a sketch I did to be honest. Like, I’ve been doing traditional portrait drawing for years now and this year I properly started to do all those little comics but I would like to learn actual comic style more in the Anime/Marvel/Cartoons way so I currently sketch faces to do face study. I started with Zayn so eventually I could turn him into a cartoon character but then I quite liked the sketch so I decided to teach myself with the proper colouring. I’ve been watching videos and tutorials all afternoon because I got a new program to work with so I need to figure out the program as well so this is basically just something I tried to teach myself. I’ll be doing more of this in the future because yeah…teaching myself lol. I am inspired by a lot of people here on DA or on Tumblr and I’m jealous of all their talent and I just wanna try something new because that’s what I like to do…I love to try a lot of new things and learn different techniques and styles and hopefully some day I’ll find my own style and get better at this :)



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