Live Love Move

Subject: One Direction
Time used: umm…I think around 15 to 17 hours. I don’t remember
Technique: pencil + coloured pencils
Size: A3

This is just a little project I wanted to do since I found those pictures. I printed them off some months ago and forgot about it and I went through my stuff and found them and thought why not. Those faces were actually quite hard because the scans they have online aren’t that HQ and yeah and I had to improvise on things and sometimes the shadow on the eyes were to dark so I had to figure out the outlines…especially on Liam and yeah I’m not american so I didn’t get a chance to officially buy those anti bullying things they sell there cuz I would have cuz I love drawing out of magazines or official prints because the quality is the best that way

I actually even had to construct all the words because they weren’t straight in the scan so I tried to re-construct them again.

Anyways, hope you like :)
And sorry for the bad quality picture sigh

I have quite a few things in mind to draw next plus my first possible drawing where I get paid for so look forward to more soon :)

I’m also currently watching a lot of youtube videos and stuff to learn to illustrate people so I will be focusing on that a bit more in the next weeks so there might be less uploaded in the near future because most of that is just gonna be sketching and trying stuff so I won’t upload this but yeah, keep your eyes open for more.




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