Liam James (Dean) Payne

Subject: Liam Payne (/James Dean Manip)
Time used: around 8 hours I think
Technique: pencil
Size: 130 x 160 mm
Source: Manip on Tumblr

Soo, this person has done an incredible Liam Payne/James Dean manip and I loved it a lot and I thought I try to draw it. It was a lot harder to shade because it was already photoshopped and worked on so it was harder to actually shade so I just shaded it like in the manip. It has a big contrast of black and white which is awesome so all you draw is basically shadow and the rest stays white. It was fun to draw tho because it was different and I liked it. I’m not 100% sure with the result but it turned out better than I thought given the fact it wasn’t a high quality picture either. Thanks to the original maker for doing this manip. It’s hella hot!

PS: As usually the picture I’ve taken is bad, sorry about that. The original drawing is a lot darker sigh


 <- this is how dark it really is


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