One Direction

Subject: One Direction
Time used: idk, at least a day all in all
Technique: pencil/coloured pencils
Size: A3
Source: Picture out of a poster magazine. It’s also featured in the 2014 official calendar

This is my first ever real commission drawing that I got money for in return. Everything on here was requested. The hardest part on here was actually turning the black guitar from the reference pic (that I had to scan) into red in photoshop. An hour alone I spent to get the guitar red. I basically took a guitar off google and copy/pasted parts and coloured in other parts to get a somewhat good reference so I know how to shade it. It’s not perfect cuz I improvised a lot but I think it’s not so bad after all. (Photoshopped reference pic) The colours of the letters were requested as well. I’m not saying this drawing actually turned out great because I still have problems getting faces right when they’re so little. I only have one other pic with little faces and that one wasn’t better either so yeah. Still struggle with it. The guitar turned out well tho.

PS: I will try to sort out stuff so I can do more commissions if anyone is interested. If you want something just message me. I will post an actual post with information at some point.


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