Liam Payne Midnight Memories Photoshoot

Subject: Liam Payne
Time used: around 12 hours I think
Technique: coloured pencils
Size: A4
Source: Midnight Memories Photoshoot

I wanted to do another coloured drawing so this is the second full on coloured drawing since Niall Horan in summer 2012 so it’s definitely been a while. Coloured pencils are definitely a lot harder than just pencils. I mean this leather jacket compared to the one in the Zayn GQ drawing I did is so much harder to draw and shade. I had a lot of problems with this. However hair is a bit easier (I mean thank God Liam has short hair) because you can blend colours together but it’s definitely harder with coloured pencils but I think I  managed the skin a lot better than with the Niall drawing. If anyone is wondering what drawing I’m talking about, take a look at this. I am however quite pleased with how this came out. Especially the eyes and the whole look. Apart from the leather jacket of course.

PS: The original drawing is a bit darker. As usually my camera doesn’t capture it how it really is




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