Batman Xmas Card

Subject: Batman
Time used: About 2 – 3 hours
Technique: PaintTool SAI / Photoshop
Date: Dec 2014 for sketch / Jan 2015 for colouring

I made some self made christmas cards for a few friends and family and I did them all with pencils because I had no time to do all digitally and go to a printer and stuff so now I’m trying to make all my cards digitally as well. This was a card for my sister :)

I was thinking about adding those to an etsy shop or something for people to order as proper cards but i don’t know yet. I’m bad with colour management even tho I actually went to do graphic design to learn that but I’m still bad and paint tool sai doesn’t support cmyk so i dont even know how people do this when using paint tool sai but I think about it. If you wanna buy a card or something just message me and i can have a look into it and if you know anything about the printing process please let me know so i can keep that in mind for the future because i really wanna try and start to sell a few things but i’m never sure if my stuff is good enough anyway =/

Also, I just figured out I need to get back and learn about spacing between letters because i really should have manually changed the spaces between the R, I and S. Ah well >.<



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