Steve McGarrett – Hawaii Five-0

Subject: Steve McGarrett (Hawaii Five-0) (aka Alex O’Loughlin)
Time used: 15 hours
Technique: Clip Studio Paint
Size: 1000×800 px
Source: Picture on Google

Yes, I’m back. Finally. It’s been forever since I uploaded anything. I started a lot of things but never finished anything and I wasn’t really in the mood and I was busy with moving back to Switzerland so yeah but now I’m finally back.

I started watching Hawaii Five-0 again last week. I used to watch about 2 and a half or 3 seasons and then stopped and now I forgot where I stopped so I’m rewatching again. So yeah, since I really gotten into this show again I thought why not paint something from it. I love Steve and Alex so I decided to look for a picture. I wanna do more digital and use real people as reference and go more into illustration/comics so yeah. Just teaching myself. Hope you like :)

Also tried to include the background but I failed on that one. Gotta learn backgrounds a bit better. Especially when they’re blurred and faded.

Instagram Video of WIP:


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