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Hey there, Dani here. I’m a 32 years old hobby artist from Switzerland. I love to draw and try out new things. I’m in no way professional or anything but I love to learn and if some day there is gonna be an awesome chance that I could do anything art related as a job to make a living I’d be more than happy to take that chance. But for now it’s just a hobby.

I have been to an art school that was more based on graphic design and definitely didn’t have enough lessons in drawing or illustration or even photography. In those three years of art school I have found out that graphic design is definitely not the coolest thing on earth for me but it showed me how much I missed art with pencils and other tools and not with the computer doing all sorts of strict layout stuff. That’s why in the near future I’d love to go to an University to either go part-time or just to take some courses to improve my skills in any way possible. I’m definitely up for a lot of things and I’d love to learn new stuff.